Sassanid’s lady had inheritance legal rights, half up to mans (ibid)

Sassanid’s lady had inheritance legal rights, half up to mans (ibid)

In the view regarding marriage, feamales in the sight of your own Sassanids are classified towards the four head brands: Padishah-zan (queen girlfriend), Chagar-zan (slave girlfriend), Yog-zan, Sater-zan and Khudsar-zan (self-trusted, self-dependent), all benefitting from the civil-rights differentially. Padishah-zan completely liked the fresh civil rights. That it girlfriend you’ll sue her spouse (Sanjana & Sanjana, 1874–1928 ) and you will allow it to be him after his passing, and you will preside across the family relations (Western, 1882 ). With regards to the religious guides of Mazdak, the marriage ceremonies occurred in different variations. The important points of these marriages, their outcomes and monetary relations within spouses was looked at from inside the which paper. The fresh Sassanid’s son looking at separation had to look at the courtroom, and you may document a proof separation out-of his spouse.

Official certification of the companion had been in a manner that the latest spouse wasn’t permitted to hop out his spouse because of sexual temptations to the other females

During which report, new baseless blog away from orientalists regarding liberties of Sassanid’s women are critically checked out, and then the woman’s marriage organization, divorce and you can inheritance was briefly discussed.

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